About Us

Hello, and Thank you for visiting my Webpage


I have been a Beauty Therapist since 1986

when I arrived in Europe for the first time.


1996 Belgium studied at the Madame Fonk Academy of Beauty

in cosmetology and higher level of beauty.

In 2001 I returned to Brazil but preferred life in Europe.


2002 I came back to live in Belgium and Paris. 

2002 & 2003 working in Yves Rocher.


2003 decide to return to Brazil and take my kids and go to a new'

Loucura!" Adventure !! Most everything worked.


Between 2003 & 2006 worked in London for the American company NYNC as

a beauty Therapist and caught experience in Inglês (laughs)


2007 I married my husband David and moved to Berkshire, and it was

there that I set up Beauty Spa Brazil. In 2011 moved to Esher where we

bought my aesthetic clinic where I worked for 4 years until 2015.


I have now moved back to Maidenhead





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